The Catholic Church is indeed the first and ONLY church founded by Jesus Christ.
It has no other founder
–  Catholic Answers


How Plato’s medieval Ascetic Philosophy and pagan Hierarchy revised Christ’s Monotheistic Epiphany, in order to inanimate and transform
Christ’s Catholic Church

How Time and History Exposed Plato’s Illicit Catholic Hierarchy

It is with esteem and respect I address this letter to faithful Catholics, whom I realize are offended when our faith is challenged, but unfortunately the historical changes I request you  consider may initially strain your Catholic sensibility, for that reason I urge you seriously consider the history of our church of which you are not aware. Many enlighten Catholics fully grasps the un-Christian disgrace which is today understood by knowledgeable and devout Catholic historians seeking change; unfortunately many Catholics recognize our ancient clerical baggage which has no place in today’s Church, but cannot bring their conscience to publicly challenge our surreptitious Hierarchy which is splintering our Church. With respect I apologize in advance for the strident commentary I express.   Peace


The two epigraphs above define the focus of this epistle and explains its title; in my first apologia 40 years ago defending all church doctrines I reinforced my belief with additional information from Catholic Answers, following their definition that only Christ founded our Catholic Church of today. However, today history informs us our Church today is not the original Church founded by Jesus of Nazareth. Always located in Rome the Church of today is correctly defined as the Universal Roman Catholic Church which developed a century after Christ. Initially after Christ, Catholic leaders remained in Jerusalem until the final separation from Jesus’ original followers i.e., the Jewish-Christians, until the Jewish-Christians no longer existed, a time when Gentile converts began to dominate the original Catholic Church established by Christ c.33AD. After 135AD there were no longer Jewish-Christians, and with that historically recorded change Catholic Answers is correct only in explaining our original Catholic Church was founded by Christ, but was replaced in 135AD with the foreign Roman Catholic Church which also replaced Christ’s “Deposit of Faith” with foreign Gentile beliefs as it remains today.


I belabor this historical change because today’s Roman Christian Church grew quickly in the century after Christ’s crucifixion when Roman Catholicism separated itself from all Jews, for whom Jesus’ first came to save as their Messiah. Forced to flee across the Gentile-pagan world after 135AD, with only few community church leaders before the New Testament existed – the original Jewish-Christians no longer existed. This was a time when Christianity as it was first handed on to the next generation by Jesus no longer existed. After that generation and by 200AD the New Testament finally appeared, but non-Christian apocryphal “Christian” literature created by converted pagans was considered superior to the New Testament by Platonic-Christian leaders who accepted only celibate clerics. This was a vast change from Jesus’ Catholic Church; only 18 years before 135AD Apostolic Father St. Ignatius of Antioch informed Catholic Christians, “He who believes celibacy is superior is condemned.” In that confusing century ascetic Platonic philosophers became Christian leaders when there were only Gentile converts who brought with them their lifelong commitment to Plato’s ascetic philosophy. Today they are called Patristic Fathers and it is surprising for Catholics today when they discover there were no popes or priests in Christ’s Christianity as we are taught today.


This brief historical outline of change occurred during the end of Christ’s original Catholic Church in Jerusalem, and was replaced by the vastly different Roman Catholic Church after 135AD. Replaced by ascetic Patristic philosophers who initially knew practically nothing of Jesus’ Jewish history or of His Old Testament traditions on which Christianity was founded. Thus began pagan attempts to understand Jesus whom they believed to be a flesh enrobed god. After the converted Patristic, St. Justin c.165AD and the Gnostic-Christian Valentinus, the pagan Emperor Constantine c. 313AD gained control of Christianity. Ascetic pagan beliefs altered original teachings of Christ. Christ rejected ascetic pagan doctrines denying priestly marriage; Christ approved contraception for women, authorized for and practiced by His followers; Christ welcomed women to positions of Ordained leadership equal to men which women also occupied in first Christianity. And most importantly illicit celibacy requirements for Christian clerics became the source of today’s ghastly world-wide pedophillia; it was rejected by Christ but was later forced on the innocent by Platonic-Popes.


Each of these pagan laws nullified Jesus’ teaching and remains in the Catholic Church today. From the third century until the fall of Rome c.476 today’s Roman Catholic Church was developed by an illicit Platonic-Papal Hierarchy which changed Christ’s Christianity. As noted in this article’s title, today’s Hierarchy is composed of neo-Platonic ascetics – Christians such as those who separated Jesus’ original Catholicism from today’s Catholic Church. Lost in the fog of history and cloaked today in apocryphal second century pagan literature, change has remained in Christianity since before the New Testament appeared. Information such as this briefly condensed historical outline is unknown to our laity and rarely known by theologians etc. Original Catholic history was changed via. “Development of Doctrine” but remains historically recorded. Today this epoch of change in original Christianity is on the cusp of public revelation which will change the modern understanding of Christianity when documented for universal media publication.


 This missive is presented to enlighten our Catholic faithful (Sensus fidelium). Our “modern” Catholic Church which replaced Jesus’ original Catholic Church in 135AD is not the problem; our problem today is the illicit neo-Papal Hierarchy founded on Plato’s Pagan philosophy which had no place in Christ’s Catholic Church, and has none today. Until this illicit Hierarchy is defrocked Catholicism will continue to decay in the same manner as the second century Gnostics-Christians who failed to reconcile itself with Christ’s Monotheism.


Contained in this website are condensed historically recorded commentaries from Christ’s original Catholic Church, not from “Holy” traditions based on Plato’s fertile second and third century apocrypha. Articles from previous books explain Christian changes over the centuries by individuals, their reasons, and their imagined authority that nullified first century Christian beliefs and practices left by Christ. Rarely are independent Catholic theologians, canon lawyers, priests and bishops enlightened of this historical truth.


Please pass this epistle on to interested Catholics. Today; the Roman Catholic Church as it is organized is not original Christianity.


Edgar Davie